Our Services

We print t-shirts the same day.


What we love to do best is create a design with you. We make what's in your head a reality on a tee shirt... well, almost all that is in your head. About that other thing...you should be ashamed of yourself.

Artificial Image Generation

By now you've probably heard how new technology can generate images from text. It's cool, really cool. And yes we can do it, but we have to charge a little something. Image generation is all about the prompt (text). The more detailed your description the better results you will have. What you imagine may not be what the machine produces so, if you want to give it a try, keep an open mind.
What's included: You will receive each image generated and you may use them however you want, copyright free. *Ask us more about ai copyright.
See prices for more.
Call ahead for availability 502-637-4601.


Bring us your design, sketch, drawing, photo... you get the point. We'll work with you to make it look great on a shirt.


We've been printing keep louisville weird, Bonnycastle Neighborhood Ass. and other local business shirts for many years. It works like so: We print your logo shirt for display and allow customers/employees to buy. They spread your name and they wear their local pride. It's that simple.


Group tees are similiar to local. You come in, set up the design and let all your friends know where to go. Too easy.


We are not your typical t-shirt shop. We print custom shirts while you wait. *Larger quantities do require more time so please call us to find out more.

We can print as many colors as you want, at no extra cost. These prints are done with Direct To Garment (DTG) printing and the prints are amazing. Not only are the colors vibrant, the print is uber soft. We can make a shirt you'll love to wear.

If you just want a name or a few words we can do that too. Or if you want to Bring in Your Own Tee (BYOT) we can use high quality shirt vinyl. It's chemically the same as plastisol ink (like screen printers) only in a hard form and is heat applied. This is not your 1980's transfers that you got as a kid, unless your too young to remember then nevermind, this stuff is good.