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Let's Create!

We make your idea happen.
Custom t-shirts while you wait
So come on, wear your insides out!

This is what we do.

And we're good. Just ask anyone!
Photos Logos Create

Have a fun pic you've photoshopped? Or, maybe that devastatingly embarrassing baby picture that needs to be immortalized? We can put those, or just about any other photo on a tee for you.


We can also work with your logo to make it look great on a shirt.


Dirty tease can work with you to make what's in your head a reality on a tee shirt...well, almost all that is in your head. About that other thing...you should be ashamed of yourself. About 90% percent of all that we create here at dirty tease is completely custom. If you can dream it up, chances are, we will be able to make it a reality.