Hi everyone, we are closed to the public and making Andy proud! However, we are still printing and shipping. We ask that instead of going to teespring, customink, amazon or any of the other non-kentucky t-shirt businesses, please consider buying local first. Every dollar you spend on a local company helps all of Kentucky. Dirty Tease is obviously the best, but please please please SHOP LOCAL! If you see a t-shirt out there you like, let us know and we can probably do something similar. 4/2/20
Phone: 502-637-4601
Email: info@dirtytease.net
Text: 502-641-5655
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dirtytease

As a small business we (and many others) will struggle to keep the doors open. We realize that t-shirts are not essential but our sense of humor and community is. We will be posting some fun shirts to make us smile and if you want a shirt we're more than happy to make one. If you can't afford a shirt maybe we can make you laugh a little.

Team Kentucky